yep, it's me, hazr. mutuals are welcome to follow an account that I use for the following:

  • general oversharing

  • venting about personal issues

  • horny posting (but like ten times worse than on main)

  • when I feel like I'm spamming too much on main and just want to make a pointlessly long tweet thread

  • talking about serious, sensitive issues


here's what you're really getting into:

  • occasional sad posting

  • lukewarm opinions on discourse

  • possibly nsfw images (usually tagged as [nsfw])

  • more nsfw likes and RTs

  • a lot of vague nsfw tweets about adult media I consume

  • references to fictional nsfw material might include problematic stuff such as noncon, dubcon, or other polarizing/sensitive content

  • open to having serious discussions

  • and not-so-serious discussions


see you on the dark side

I'm down to follow back mutuals' locked accounts too,
regardless of if you're following this account;
just follow first or dm me

(as always, if you have any doubts then you're free to unfollow, block, softblock, or mute at your own discretion)